Robert Parker in Bali

Robert Parker in Bali
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Road to Retiring- Day 7

My little 7'6" Surf Betty NSP I bought off E-Bay for $120.  Fits our coffin and it's pretty indestructible.   John's tool kit for putting the fins back on, emergency ding repair, and Leatherman utility knife.
Up early.  It is so easy to get up for dawn patrols in Costa Rica.  Maybe its the early to bed philosophy, or the intense light so early.  I don't know but I like it.  The buffet breakfast at the Falls is amazing! They have lots of fruit, banana bread, juices, coffee with heated milk and then they ask you what eggs, potatoes, French toast, pancakes you want too. 
We decide to go explore Dominical, Uvita area as we think the rents here are awesome and we have arranged to see several.  It stays very jungle here.  Think Jurassic park as it was supposed to be on an island off Costa Rica though it was filmed mostly in Hawaii,  and you've got it.  We see several little roads down to beaches but it's lots of rock and reef.  The main road, however is phenomenal.  Nicely paved.

The town of Dominical fails to impress, though to be fair we didn't give it much of a look.  I call this the Santa Teresa effect of other places not living up to that standard.  Dominical is reminding us of Playa Guiones but more run down, if one can imagine, and it's very hippie.  They are gearing up for a Burning Man/ Woodstock type of Art celebration called Envision where the tickets to attend are around $95 for a one day ticket, $50  per day for the 5 day and $625 for VIP.  I'll never understand how these Art festivals for free spirits became so not FREE.
Downtown Dominical
Downton Uvita

 Down to Uvita and more of the same feel plus the added "bonus" of cashing in on tourism for the Whale's Tail with really expensive paid parking in dirt lots. We spot some of the rentals we were to look at and decide that Santa Teresa has indeed spoiled us.  Decision has been made. 

We are moving to be near surf as well as become part of a community with our same vibe and this ain't it.  No disrespect to anyone in love with this region.  But our life is finally full of "choice" and we are in supreme gratitude that that is a fact and intend to honor it as fully as our budget will allow.
Love parking so near the water. 

We check out a fishing village and a few more beaches.  We finally decide on a beach at the far south end of Dominical and try the surf.  It's not bad and John is getting consistent lefts at the area off the rocks. The water is murkier here due to the dark sand.  The waves have tons of power and we get in a good session but we keep comparing it to the Nicoya Peninsula and it's not stacking up for us.

As we leave we stop at one of the many ceviche stands advertising for $1000 colones.  That's $2.  We have guacamole and chips in the room so that'll be lunch.  I only have a $5 bill and get out to purchase.  The young Tico gives me the cup plus crackers and $1000 Colones back.  I ask for another $500 Colones as it's only supposed to be $2.  He won't make eye contact, nor the other 4 Ticos at the stand but tells me that $1000 colones is $3.  I reply that this is the one spot in the country where the exchange rate is different.  I want to push it or get John involved because I hate being treated that way, but I decide  "This is a sign.  It cost $1 to know that you will not be treated well here."  I am saddened by this as the people here are without a doubt, kind, generous and warm of heart.  He and his little gang are an isolated incident, but still we take it a bit to heart in our decision to forego this area, heeding the sign sent by the universe.  So, don't buy at CEVICHE MIGUE. 

Fridays and Saturdays there is a big green market in Quepos and we are blown away by the prices and the quality of fruits and vegetables, cheese, eggs and rice.  No wonder people retire here.  3 pineapples for $2 ( $3 at Ceviche MIGUE).  Tomatoes are 3 Kilos for $2- that's almost 7 lbs. and averages out to less than $.30 a lb.  I'm paying $1.90 a lb. here in Florida if I'm lucky

We decide on a late dinner at The Falls and have pasta with seafood and fresh tuna.  It's all very good!  Tomorrow we will do our zip line in the AM and then relax.

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