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Robert Parker in Bali
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 5 Santa Teresa

Day 5
Its easy to get up early here as we hit the hay around 8 pm and even if I read outloud to John (a habit we developed during our long distance phone call days), he's gone in 15 minutes tops and then I read a different book for maybe a half an hour and I nod out.  The mostly glass villa fills with the 4:30 am early morning light and does that gentle, natural wake up that is supposed to be so good for the soul.  We go surf at Playa Hermosa and its going to be another day of waves and fun but also of moving our digs.  After our morning session we return for a breakfast of french toast and coffee, fruit, juice and then we pack up as do Brooklyn 1 and 2.  We dropped the boards off earlier at Manala with an early check in so there'd be room for everyone's luggage.  As we load up we finally see our first CR monkeys.  Yeah!  It really is so beautiful to be surrounded with such an ecological feast- hummingbirds, birds I don't even know, butterflies, monkeys, iguanas, lizards, weird spiders, crabs, shells and of course the requisite hotel cats and dogs...

Manala's rooms are too adorable and our first TV this trip. 
Good or bad thing?  I'm not sure.  Very ecological too with all electricity, except the refrig, generated off the room key being inserted into an electronic starter.  After a nap John wants to try the cove back at Cabuya as the swell is really high.  As we start that drive I spy some folk surfing at Punte Bargona in Mal Pais and we back up to a road that gets John there.  He is all for a paddle out and I'm not into reef and rock so I'll wait for the higher tide late afternoon but take pics of J here instead.  The waves are all lefts coming off the rock point and my goofy footer is very happy.   There's a gal out surfing with her boyfriend ripping it up on a boogie board.  When she comes in she nods at John and says "Man, he's good.  I want to be that good someday".  Yep, we all do, sweetie.  John surfs over an hour and other than getting rolled backwards by a really huge wave off the log I'm sitting on and getting some nasty rock scrapes, my pride is more dinged than my body as several surfers were watching John and caught me getting smashed.  

On the ride back to our place in Santa Teresa, we stop at Kina Surf shop because I want to try a different board. We trade out for a NSP 7'10".  I test it briefly on a couple of sunset waves a short walk down the road across the street from our room and I like the feel.  It floats me better than the longer board. 

We hit a roadside green market today for fruit and avocado. Appetizer tonight is homemade guacamole on our patio with rum and coke.  I cut them in half, take out the nut and smash the avocado up in the half shell, add some lime. Some chips from the Super Ronnie (#2) and it makes for a much cheaper chips and guac than most places that charge $7 for this treat.  Dinner is pizza with shrimp and tuna along with a another entree of chicken in a sauce with rosemary potatoes.  Great food here at El Pupo, the restaurant at Manala's.  Huge pizza oven where they cook the pizzas on wooden platter!  

Surprise- we are too tired from sun and surf to go to any of the full moon madness happening at the bars and discos. We fall asleep with plans to go on to Nosara tomorrow.

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