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Robert Parker in Bali
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 3- Mal Pais is NOT a Bad Place

John surfs in the morning at Santa Teresa by Habenera Mex- Grill.  Morning patrol is easy when you sleep in a glass villa and the sun wakes you up nice and gentle. We like just driving down a dirt road to park right at the beach.  These waves were GOOD!  Got a great barrel, good lefts, 3-4 rights.  I am still boardless but that will get fixed today!

Breakfast is an omelette with a touch of veggies and ham. After breakfast we drive to the surf shop, Kina, for a board for me.  It's sort of far past most businesses in Santa Teresa, but family owned, operated and recommended.  Ex-pats are running the place and a decent selection.  We select a Billy Hamilton 8'2.  $10 per day and the ability to trade boards in and out-  pretty standard and I like that this place doesn't run your credit card- they just hold the number in reserve for security.  My first foray at Santa Teresa was so-so as the swell was huge and closed out and we decided to drive back to Cabuya on the eastern side of the peninsula.  There we found a wave, but reef and rock with the tide not quite right yet so we shelled instead for awhile.  But as the tide dropped the reef started to produce a wave John liked so he paddled out and I did too, though just for exercise as it wasn't suited to my experience (or lack thereof).  John surfed with a local who told him this place gets really good when giant swells hit the mainland.  By the way, they are the only two out in this entire cove. The wave was a rock ledge with some boulder rocks that helped peak the wave.The wave raked along the rock ledge, creating a very clean, manicured wave. The offshore wind kept it a peeling left all the way to the rock pebble shore.  Shoulder high, well formed wave.

On our drive back to the villas we are treated to the 2-3 day phenomena of the blooming of the Amarillo de Carillo trees in CR. They bloom once a year for a couple of days in these brilliant yellow flowers and then they leaf out green.  Makes a beautiful contrast in the jungle as well as a really pretty carpet out on the front of our walkway.

For dinner we grabbed Mikini and Marilyn to drive to town for fish tacos.  The pool at the Villas was hopping with a 20-30's crowd. I get the bar and the pool bringing in revenue but when you are staying there and can't park?  Hmmmm.  We also decided to stay another night in Santa Teresa and get a place recommended- Manala's.  It's a bit spendy but the villas are awesome and still cheaper than Villas de Olas so we reserve.  The girls mention they want another night too and after seeing the digs, also reserve a room.   

The fish tacos at Tacos are really yummy and the waitress is a fire juggler and eater.  She's a very stylish, cool Tico-ette.  I love asking people living in this rough little surf town where they are from, what brought them to this area. She is from San Jose originally, but has been here for a year now working with a a group of performers juggling and doing fire tricks, and of course, supplementing with working at Taco's.   

We are to go horseback riding in the morning at 9 am and the girls are fishing, which John would rather do.  No one is up at the pool on our return so we'll see if we can alter the plan at 7 am.  Early nights are easy here.  No TV.  Read for 45 minutes and I pass out.

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  1. really enjoy your posts, thanks for sharing, hope to see more pics too!