Robert Parker in Bali

Robert Parker in Bali
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Board

I'm excited to show off my new board from Rich Harbour of Harbour Surfboards in Seal Beach. It's the new "Super Revolver!" The board is a spin off of the original "Revolver," only this is a 2+1 fin set up, no nose channels, concaves between the fins for increased speed, and a bit wider for stability and driving down the line. I decided to go shorter this time with an 8' 0" since standing up has become somewhat more difficult. This way with a shorter board, I'll still be able to catch waves, and then turn the board a little easier while on my knees, as compared to my other boards of which are all 9' 6" in length. This board was the first one to be made with the new "Super Revolver" logo. Haven't had the opportunity to get her wet yet, as rotator cuff surgery has me high and dry for a couple of months. Ain't getting older fun?!

Specs on this beauty are as follows: 8' 0" x 16 3/4" x 22 7/8" x 15 1/2" x 3".


  1. Wow, thats a beautiful board! Are you knee-riding the entire wave, or just the take-off? The rotor cuff surgery sounds rad, hope it was a success! Some older guys are riding larger boards in a prone position (lying down), and having a great time, according to their comments. The main thing is to stay out in the water as much as possible, and stay stoked!

  2. Thanks. Huck, I try to stand, but so often find that with the inability to do quick pop ups anymore, I miss waves, so that's when I'll knee-ride the wave. Or if it's a bigger and or faster wave I'll just stay laying down.

    And as of this posting, I haven't been in the surf yet after the shoulder surgery per the Doc. But am doing water exercises. Time and pain really suck when healing.

    But I never give up!