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Robert Parker in Bali
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Greybeard Loses His Marbles: An Introduction...

Hi all...

My e-name is "Greybeard" and it is one well earned.   I'm sure we all have stories to tell, and no doubt take pride in still being around to talk about it.    We've all hopefully had some wonderful days, and probably some pretty awful days as well.   When we were much younger, we really didn't identify with those white haired "oldies" who seemed so far away from us.   Of course we knew it all, and only time caused us to realize and appreciate the wonderful wisdom and truth-telling ability.

When more of your life seems behind you then ahead, I'd guess that we "oldies" have realized just how much every day of decent health means, and start thinking about what remains on our so-called "bucket" lists of people, things and experiences we'd like to do before we can't.  

So why am I here?

First and not least I am here at the invitation of Huck, an invitation I really valued, and which recognized my personal search for fulfillment.   You see, I somehow managed to become nearly 67 years old - but somehow also managed to maintain good fitness and youthful looks - except for that white (and I mean white) hair.   As they say, when your pubes start to turn, and policemen and doctors look like kids to you, well, you've arrived.    I cycle perhaps 10 miles day, kayak, bodyboard, play at skateboarding and in general still work and play hard.   And what remained on my "bucket list"?

Learning to Surf

It all started when my partner and I were hanging out once again on one of Fort Lauderdale's beaches on a windy day and again as always, were marveling at the windsurfers and board surfers.   My better half turned to me and she said "You know, I used to be a dancer, and I think I'd like to try surfing".  Frankly, I'd never thought of this, but the lightbulb went off.  "Surfing?  Well, why not?  Let's do it".   Without further detail right now, a series of events began ending up with my belief that learning to surf a graceful longboard - or at least giving it a serious effort - was something I felt was almost a spiritual adventure, and doing what may well be my last fling with my still good health.

I then did my research, narrowed things down to a Robert August What I Ride (9'6"), the Pearson Arrow C.J. Nelson (10'), and at the last moment a Walden Magic 9'6" longboard.   I posted all over the net, and received some great advice, not least from Huck, who also invited me to share my adventure here.

So here I am, with more to follow.   Huck, thanks for the invite.   This is a terrific, inspirational blog that I'm pleased to be part of.    Ciao!   And stay tuned for part two...

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  1. Welcome Graybeard! Looking forward to continuing updates, hope you can post some pics too! - Huck