Robert Parker in Bali

Robert Parker in Bali
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Monday, June 25, 2012

New Quiver addition

Here's the latest addition to my quiver; a 9'6" Jamie Murray. Jamie's a local Santa Rosa shaper, and is very good at his trade. The board was shaped locally, then glassed in Santa Cruz using Michel Junod's glasser. Check out that beautiful abstract bottom!

But seriously, this board works fantastic! Easy to catch waves, the squash tail and 2+1 set up work well on turns and cut backs. 

This is now my 'go to board.'

Mahalo, Makai

And remember, Never Give Up Doing What You love!


  1. Beautiful board! I've been surfing my 9 footer lately, laying off the 7 footers, and having a great time. I don't get out very often, so I've started running a mile 4 times a week, and when I do get out, I feel much stronger and more confident that when I wasn't running.

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