Robert Parker in Bali

Robert Parker in Bali
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Surfing with the sun, seals, and seagulls - and a call to authors

I went surfing this Sunday (haloween), had a great time, in spite of the small surf. I took out my experimental hollow board, the waves were a bit more consistent in the a.m., as the tide dropped so did the size.

(that's me holding my board, but not me surfing - I snapped a shot of a female longboarder on her last wave in)

The sun was shining, the seagulls were keeping me company in the lineup, and a big old gray seal was keeping his eye on me! I caught several waves, and am having a blast riding a single fin, something I haven't done for years.


For the call to authors: If you want to join the blog as a writer, let me know your email (I'm Huck in the list of contributing writers down on the right column), we're looking for verbose senior surfers LOL.

It really doesn't call for anything profound, just taking a few minutes to post up a pic and tell us what you're up to lately. We all enjoy hearing about each others' surf sessions, projects, goals, etc.

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