Robert Parker in Bali

Robert Parker in Bali
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Friday, April 2, 2010

glide on brothers and sisters

Re: Over 50 surfers:
I celebrated my 62 bday on 3/24/10. I have been surfing since 1964. Currently I own eight boards.

9'3" Hansen 50/50 square tail (c/1965)
8'6" Hansen 50/50 pintail (c.1966)
8'4" Ole (circa 1967) pintail w/ 50/50 rails

8'4" R Wood round pin single fin concave nose rider (magical board)
7'10" R Wood round pin single fin concave nose rider (a step down board)
7'10" Greg Stritch round pin channel bottom thruster (got 10' point
surf on this one!)
7'2" R Wood round pin 5 fin with FU center box.

Newest board:
6'0" Hand made Alaia (by me) just finished today, the linseed oil is drying, so I have not ridden it yet.

I appreciate your site.
Surfing? A deeply personal and intimately inspirational panacea for life on land.

I cannot remember life before I began surfing. I cannot imagine a life devoid of the privilege of the sublime pleasure of simply paddling out and catching a wave!

My advice on interacting with all the stress-filled combatants
inhabiting dry places? One should not expect too much from them, after all they don't surf.

Hey, if yer not out when the tide goes out the tide goes out witout cha!

glide on brothers and sisters, mike

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