Robert Parker in Bali

Robert Parker in Bali
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Glide baby glide.....

Can you remember your first wave on a surfboard? If you're old enough, as in "Over 50" it was likely on a longboard.

Maybe it was when you were a little kid on a longboard? It was for me and I'll never forget the glide.

Were you ever able to rent one of those huge tanker boards in Waikiki to feel what it was like to stand high and dry on a board of such length, width and volume that you could remain standing long after the wave had rolled under you?

I am mathematically incapable of calculating the body weight to board volume ratios of those earliest surfboard experiences but common sense suggests that we are all far from those ratios at our current weights on our current equipment.

Are all of us so hooked on the pro performance levels portrayed by the media that we entertain the fantasy of high performance surfing for ourselves at our home breaks on our own equipment?

Snap out of it, son.... it isn't going to happen. Not today and not tomorrow.

Is it out of the range of possibility that a modern SUP ridden at most of our current weights might come close? Perhaps something along the lines of a 12 foot Mickey Munoz Surftech?

Try ignoring the media hype and shape or buy something that starts to compare to the weight/volume ratios of yesterday - to once again feel the stoke that got you hooked to begin with!

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  1. hahaha - Goomba! Now I know who you are! I saw you at Sacred Craft, and never did make good on that coffee/donut offer! I guess nowadays you're into Jamba and heart healthy whole wheat snacks, eh? You are an inspiration. Please post some pics of your awesome board(s)!