Robert Parker in Bali

Robert Parker in Bali
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

more wisdom from the well


Hi Huck, I am afflicted with a bone disease which is stealing away my active life.

Surfing and surfboards have been my life for the past twenty years. Longboards have been reserved for the smallest of days,

until now. Ride whatever makes you happiest. To hell with what anyone else thinks.

Just keep surfing.

P.S. Width makes a huge difference if you want to stay on the shorties.



I'm 55 and have been surfing over 40 years. I started on an air-mat and moved on to longboards, then shortboards AND longboards (never gave those up) AND bodysurfing AND bellyboards AND airmats... shortboards are about the only thing I left behind.

Some of my favorite surfing memories are all about the glide and you just don't get that having to pump a shortboard simply to stay in the wave.

I watch plenty of people (young and old - but all on boards too short) struggle to catch waves and often not make the waves they catch.

For an older guy just getting back in to it, I can think of any number of reasons to have a longboard in the quiver.

Each to his own. Ride what you like. Ride what works for you. There's plenty of choices in equipment and lots of different kinds of waves.



Funny this thread comes up today

My Birthday! Im 51 now

I resorted to a longboard at about 38 or 40 yrs old

I used to kneeboard when I was a kid then at 30 got a 7' something board and worked realy hard to get a few waves in the crowds of good surfers

then I went to an 8'6" mini log and that helped a lot

then I ordered a 9'8" longboard and after 2 go outs my surfing was now fun!!

100% improvement ,,,, confidence 100%
today's entry is illustrated with a dolphin painting of mine - hope you like it!

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