Robert Parker in Bali

Robert Parker in Bali
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Monday, February 22, 2010

blog entries - authors take note

Don't be shy about entering stuff - you can always go back and edit, add, subtract, change, delete, etc. Also, if you have any questions I might be able to help with, you can email me. My email is listed - scroll down to my name under contributors, click on it, then click email under the word contact. BTW, you can make your email available, as I do, or not. Its up to you.

I can also help you post photos - just let me know. Its easiest (but not necessary) if you have an online photo storage site, like, picasa, photobucket, etc. Most of them are free.

Also, if you know some cool websites related to this subject, let me know and I can add links. I've already linked to a bunch of cool blogs on the right. And if you want, add the url to this blog on your swaylock's signature (like I did), always good to get some interest going in our blog! Heck, there's more guys joining our ranks every day!

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